3,50 kr/min 450 kr/24h

Parking, insurance, charging & complete mobility
Pricing and fees


  • Registration: 0 kr.
  • 3,50 kr. per minute
  • You pay 450 kr. for 24 timer using the same City Car. You cannot end the trip, but should use the key to lock it. The key is found in the car’s glove compartment.
  • Monthly product Your City Car Unlimited 1.195 kr. for 45 hours use
  • Extra start/stop in the Airport: 29 kr.


  • Invoice fee: 100 kr.
  • Late payment fee: 100 kr.
  • Administration fee: 250 kr.
  • Deductible: 5000 kr.
  • Fee violating general conditions, if any financial consequences: Separate bill


  • Lost keys: 3000 kr.
  • Lost charging-/parking card: 500 kr.
  • Charging cable (damaged or lost): 3500 kr.
  • Left charging cable in charging station or on the street: 500 kr.


  • Smoking / animals in the car: 2500 kr.
  • Misuse charging-/parking card: 1500 kr. + expenses
  • Necessary extra cleaning of the City Car: Separate bill
  • Removal of stickers, foil etc.: up to 4000 kr.

On the road

  • Parking tickets: Fine + Administration fee
  • Speeding tickets and violation of traffic laws: Fine + Administration fee
  • Moving illegally parked City Cars (within the Zone): 1000 kr.
  • Moving illegally parked City Cars (outside the Zone): 2500 kr.
  • Towing of City Cars (due to valuation of the terms of use): 2500 kr.
  • Service (if the damage is caused by a City Car user): By the bill + towing expenses

Terms and conditions Read here

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