Frequently asked questions

  • Where can I see the reach of the battery?

    The car’s dashboard displays how many km there are left on the battery. You can also see how much power there is on the City Car in the app when you reserve it.

  • Where do I find the nearest charging station?

    You can find the nearest charging station by using EON map service. The charging station is illustrated on the map with a charger cable icon.
    You can find the nearest charging station here:
    Or by downloading the EON app in the App Store and Google Play.

  • How do I charge the City Car?

    Once you have parked your car next to the charging station,
    open the charging cover, which sits in the front of the Renault Zoe, by
    pressing the button with the charging point icon at the driver’s left
    side. Then, attach the charging cable located in the car’s trunk to both the car and the charging stand’s charging cover. The blue end goes into the car and the black goes into the charging stand. To open the charging cover to the stand, use a charge card from E.ON. The card is found in the City Car’s card holder in the glove compartment. Hold the card over the stand waiting for the cover to open. When the cable is connected to the car and the stand, the charging begins. The trip cannot be completed before the charging card is placed back in the card holder in the car.

  • How do I disconnect the car from a charging station?

    You disconnect the cable from the City Car by pressing the charging point icon on the key, or on the switch with the charging connector icon located on the left side of the car’s steering wheel. To release the charging cable from the charging stand, keep the charging card over the charging stand. You’ll find the card in the car’s glove compartment.

  • Do I have to pick up and return the City Car at a charging station?

    It is not required to pick up and return the City Car at a charging station. Just choose the City Car that is easiest for you to pick up. When you are finished with your trip, just park your car inside our Zone. It is not necessary to park at a charging station, and there are no fixed parking lots.

  • What do I do if there is very little battery power?

    We at GreenMobility always make sure that the car is charging as soon as the battery reach is below 15 km. If you get below this limit during your trip, you can just continue to your destination if possible. If you are planning to park in an electric parking lot with a charging station, please do not hesitate to connect the car to the charging station, making it ready for the next user.

    If you drive the car battery down to 0% a towing of the car will be needed. In that case you will be charged with a towing fee on 2500 DKK.

  • Where can I see my use for City Car Plus?

    You can always see how many minutes you have left during a month, just log in to your profile on the website and choose the menu tab Minutes. It is important that you know, that unused minutes will not be transferred to the next month. Also know that you won’t receive an e-mail, when you pass the Fair Use limit and start paying regular minute price again.

  • Can I drive out of the Zone with City Car Plus?

    With City Car Plus you get 20 hours free use of Your City Car and how you want to use these hours are totally up to you. Feel free to take a long trip out of the Zone, just be aware of, that when a trip can’t be ended, the time will be drawn from your monthly 20 hours. Also remember to be aware of power and range of the battery.

  • Can I share City Car Plus with others?

    City Car Plus is restricted by the regular conditions for Your City Car and is, therefore, personal and can’t be shared.

  • How does City Car Plus work?

    You get 20 hours of free use every month, if you exceeds these hours it costs 2,00 DKK pr. minute. There is no limit to how many trips you can drive a day or how long a trip can last. So if you feel like driving a longer trip out of the Zone, just be aware that the trip can’t be ended, and therefore uses time from your monthly use – and make sure to know the range of the battery. Also know that you unused minutes will not be transferred to the next month.

  • What is the price of City Car Plus?

    After May 15th it will no longer be possible to sign up to the introduction price. The price will from now on be 1.195 DKK. monthly.
    You will, therefore, drive in Your City Car with a minute price on 1,00 DKK. – a significant difference from the regular minute price you already know.

  • How do I cancel City Car Plus?

    You can unsubscribe City Car Plus at any time. You just have to send an e-mail to and write ‘Cancel City Car Plus’ in the caption line. Be aware that the monthly product is terminated with 30 days notice until the end of a month.

  • How do I sign up to City Car Plus, if I’m already a user?

    If you already have an account with Your City Car, all you have to do is send an e-mail to with the caption ‘City Car Plus’ in the subject line, then we will take care of the rest. If you sign up during a month there will be proportionate payment and Fair Use for the current month.

  • How do I sign up to City Car Plus, if I’m not already a user?

    If you are not already a Your City Car user, you have sign up first. Afterwards you have to send us an e-mail to with the caption ‘City Car Plus’ in the subject line, then we will take care of the rest. If you sign up during a month there will be proportionate payment and Fair Use for the current month.

  • Am I insured when I drive in a City Car?

    If an accident occurs, the insurance is included in the price, and you are subject to a deductible of 5000 kr.

  • Do I have to pay for potential damages?

    Our cars have liability and accident insurance, comprehensive insurance and insurance for theft, but there is a deductible of 5000 kr. per claim. If you get any damage to the City Car when it is in your care, please contact our customer service. You do this by holding down the call button in the ceiling for 2 seconds. Then the City Car calls directly to our customer service, who makes a registration of that there has been a damage to the car.

  • When I arrive to my City Car, I detect a damage, what do I do?

    If you detect any damage to the car, please contact our customer service and inform them accordingly. You do this by holding down the call button in the ceiling for 2 seconds. The City Car will call directly to our customer service, who will make sure that any damage is detected and repaired promptly.

  • I have been involved in a car accident, what should I do?

    If there is a need to call for help, you should always do this first. Then please contact our customer service at +45 70 77 88 88. Even if the damage from the accident is minor, it has to be reported to police. If you do not file an accident report with the police, the insurance will not cover. You are also required to collect the information regarding the accident, to be included in the report. In addition to the verbal report to our customer service, you will be asked to complete a written claim.

  • What should I do in case of technical problems or a flat tire?

    If you experience technical problems with the car or you are having a flat tire, please contact our customer service. You do this by holding down the call button in the ceiling for 2 seconds or by calling +45 70 77 88 88.

  • What happens if the police charge me for breaking the traffic law?

    You are responsible for your own driving behaviour. GreenMobility is required by law to disclose your information to the police if you have violated a statute, regulation or law. If we receive a fine, which may be referred to a time when the car was in your care, the amount of the fine and an administrative fee will be deducted from your credit card.

  • What if I find a forgotten item in the City Car?

    Help us get the forgotten item back to its owner. Contact customer service as soon as possible by phone or by using the call button in the car’s ceiling. Customer service will be able to view the latest users of the City Car and contact them. Please leave the forgotten item in the car.

  • What if I forgot something in the City Car?

    If you forget your personal belongings in a City Car, please contact our customer service. They can see where the City Car is now, if it has been rented since you drove it, and lock the car until you have been out and looked for what you forgot. We will always do our best to return lost belongings to the right owner. However, GreenMobility is not responsible for private objects that are forgotten, lost or damaged during the hire.

  • Where can I park?

    Where can I park and end my trip?
    When you use a City Car, parking is included. In short, you can park on any public road within the Zone if the parking is legal and you do not park at a time-limited parking lot. Additionally, you can park in several car parks and the parking lots at GreenMobility Hotspots.

    When you are in the Zone: Your City Car will tell you, even if you stay in the Zone. You can also see the Zone in your app. See more about parking here

  • What are Hotspots?

    Hotspots are parking lots we have with selected partners and in car parks around the city. At our Hotspots you have good chances of finding a City Car, as well as it is easy to park here. You can see our Hotspots in Your City Car app. Read more about our Hotspot here.

  • What happens if a City Car I have used gets a parking ticket after I have ended my trip?

    If you have followed the parking instructions described on our parking guide site, you will not be held responsible for any parking fees, which are imposed after your rental period.

  • Are there special rules for trips to, and parking at Copenhagen Airport?

    Car pickup and delivery at Copenhagen Airport takes place in the same way as on the other GreenMobility hotspots. You can find specific information in the app about where to find the car park and how to get access to the parking lots. Starting or ending a trip on the Hotspot in the airport it costs a fee of 29 DKK. which will automatically be drawn from your account.
    Read more about our Airport Hotspot here

  • Which credit cards can I use?

    You can use both Mastercard, Visa and Visa/Dankort for registration and payment.

  • How do I sign up?

    You sign up on the website or by downloading Your City Car app, and simply follow the instructions. You can update your information or credit card details in your profile on the website or in the Your City Car app. To register as a user of Your City Car, you need to add your personal information, a valid debit or credit card and you must be minimum 18 years old and in possession of a valid driver’s license for minimum 180 days.

  • Can others use my GreenMobility membership and drive the car?

    Your membership is personal. It is only the person who has booked the car that can drive it, otherwise the insurance, in case of damages and accidents, will not cover.

  • Where is the Zone?

    Within the Zone you can freely start and finish your trip. The Zone covers Copenhagen, Frederiksberg and Gentofte. Depending on our users’ wishes and needs we will expand the Zone, and already now, it is possible to start and end a trip at DTU in Lyngby and Copenhagen Airport for a fee of 29 kr. at the airport. Read more about the zone here.

  • Can I drive outside the Zone?

    You can easily drive out of the Zone, you just can’t finish your trip before you are back in the Zone. As soon as you get outside the Zone, the car will tell you via voice and there will be a small red light in the rearview mirror.

  • How do I start my trip?

    When you arrive at the car, you can open it using Your City Car app, and then start your trip. To use Your City Car, you must have a valid reservation. When you open the app on your Smartphone, select “Reserve” and then click on “Unlock” when you arrive at the car.

  • How do I reserve my City Car?

    You reserve Your City Car by using the app. Once you are logged in, you can see a map that shows which City Cars that are closest to you, and reserve one. You have 30 minutes to get to your reserved City Car, before the reservation expires. You can easily reserve the same City Car as you just completed a trip in, if that fits your routines the best. Reserving a City Car is always free.

  • How do I end my trip?

    You finish your trip using the app. When you get out of the car and close the door, just press “End trip”. Next, you will receive a summary of your trip on email and the amount will be deducted from your card. Just be aware of the following when you end your trip: the charging cable must be placed in the trunk of your car, unless it is set to charge. The parking brake must be set, and all windows and doors properly closed and locked. You should leave the car in the same condition as when you started your trip.

  • What if I want to park without ending the trip?

    You can easily park and leave your car, just be aware that you pay per minute until you end the trip in the app. In the car’s glove box, inside the card holder, you will find the car’s physical key, which you can use to lock the car. The key must be placed back in the card holder after use, as you cannot end your trip without the key being in the car.

  • Can I put a roof rack, bike rack, snow chains or other equipment on the City Car?

    No, it is not allowed to put any kind of extra equipment on Your City Car as this can cause damages.

  • Are there any City Cars with a child seat or tow hitch?

    There are child seats in over 1/3 of all the cars, and we are currently working on a solution to visualize which ones.

    If you get a City Car without a child seat, you can always come by our office or one of our following partners during business hours and pick up a child seat:
    – GreenMobility: Hillerødgade 30A, 2200 Copenhagen N (All weekdays 06:00 to 18:00, Saturdays 09:00 to 15:00 and Sundays 12:00 to 17:00)
    – Sixt: Nyropsgade 42, 1602 Copenhagen V (All weekdays 8:00 to 18:00, weekends 8:00 to 14:00 and public holidays 8:00 to 12:00)
    – Sixt: Copenhagen Airport, 2770 Kastrup (Monday to Sunday 7:00 to 23:00 and public holidays 7:00 to 23:00)
    – Bilrenseriet: Dr. Tværgade 4, 1302 Copenhagen K (Monday to Thursday 8:00 to 16:30 and Friday 8:00 to 15:00).

    Unfortunately, it is illegal to install tow hitch on electric cars.

  • What happens if my phone runs out of power during the drive?

    If your phone runs out of power, you can use the call button in Your City Car to contact our customer service team. By accessing the car’s computer, they can end the trip for you and lock the car when you have reached your destination.

  • Is it allowed to smoke in the City Cars?

    It is not allowed to smoke in the City Car due to the safety throughout the drive, and in consideration of other users. If you choose to smoke in the City Car anyway, you will be charged a separate fee for additional cleaning of the car of 2500 kr.

  • Can I rent a City Car directly, or do I have to reserve it upfront?

    You can easily rent a City Car directly, without reserving it in advance. When the City Car is available, you will see it in your app and the display on the windshield will have a green light next to “Available”. Please be aware that there may be a response time of a few seconds before you can unlock the City Car using the app. When the City Car already is reserved by another user, you will not be able to reserve it and it will not appear in the app. The display in the windshield will have a yellow light next to “Reserved”. If the City Car is out of service, the display on the windshield will have a red light next to “Busy” and it will not appear in the app. A City Car is “out of service” when it needs to be charged or be serviced. Below you see the display that you find in the City Car windshield.

  • Where do I find the seat heater?

    The button for the seat heater is located on the side of the gearshift, next to your legs, as shown on the picture below.

  • How long is the reach of the battery?

    For combined driving, Renault Zoe has a reach of 100-130 km.

  • What about the Referral program?

    The service "referral program" can only be used for the original purpose as described at the website and mail. If the rules are not followed the earned minutes will be cancelled. The user and the newly signed up user will both get suspended.