The City Car is the new business car

A City Car is a simple, inexpensive and green mobility solution for companies and employees. With a business agreement you and your colleagues get an easy and flexible mobility solution that is good both for the corporate taxi account and the environment.

City Car perks for business clients:

  • Drive to approx 1/3 the price of taxi
  • Drive to the airport and get easy parking in P7
  • Take Your City Car directly from the airport to the office
  • Get everything gathered in a transparent monthly invoice
  • Ride your bike to the office, but drive to the meeting downtown
  • Drive eco-friendly with no emission
  • Get a CSR-initiative that are easy to relate to

The easy solution

Both small and large companies drive Your City Car and get their transportation need covered. We strive to deliver an effortless user experience in all aspects. Therefore, we provide easy and accessible parking in the city center with our hotspots, easy switch between private and business profile in the app and a transparent monthly invoice frees you from difficult expenses and appendixes.

Is GreenMobility the solution for your company?

Fill out the form and you will be contacted for a noncommittal talk about our City Cars and your transportation needs.

An eco-friendly choice

City Cars from GreenMobility are a flexible and economic choice. All City Cars are electric and charged with power from renewable energy sources. Carsharing releases parking spaces and decreases traffic congestion. City Cars are a CSR-initiative that takes little and are easy to understand.