Israels Plads

The Hotspot is placed in Q-parks car park at Nørreport. After entering the car park at level -1 make a sharp right turn and you will find the spaces by the first staircase. The spaces are marked with GreenMobility signs. There are charging stations on the Hotspot if you wish to charge the car. See how you charge here. If you need a car, that is plugged in see here how to unplug it.

If all the Hotspot spaces are occupied you can park on a vacant space nearby.

The car park is open 24 hours a day. When entering and exiting call the guard using the call button by tollbar and let them know you are in a GreenMobility car.

If you need to pick up a City Car, call the guard using the call button by the door and he will let you in.

Some users experience challenges with data connection on their phones in the car park. If you are having problem using the app take a few steps up the stairs to regain connection.