The Hotspot is placed in Q-parks car park on level -1. The spaces are placed in the passage by the decent and are marked with GreenMobility signs. There are charging stations on the Hotspot if you wish to charge the car. See how you charge here. If you need a car, that is plugged in see here how to unplug it.

If all the Hotspot spaces are occupied, you can park on another space in the passage.

The carpark is open 07.00-19.00. Outside opening hours, the gate to the car park is closed, but will open when you approach in the City Car. Drive in and park the car in the passage.

After parking the car, walk to the tollbar and call the guard. The guard will open the tollbar and iron gate, so you can exit through the car park.

Do you need to pick up a City Car outside opening hours, use the entrance by the Sixt office. Here you need to call the guard on the call button. He opens the door for you. Walk to level -1 and call the guard again using the call button at the toolbar. Let him know, that you need to enter the passage, where the cars are placed. The gate will open automatically when you drive out.