Get 20 hours of driving á month for af fixed low price at DKK 1.195 á month. Sign up for City Car Plus and drive for only DKK 1 per minute.



Parking Your City Car doesn't cost a thing. You can park on all public spaces without time restrictions.



Want the key to 400 electric City Cars in your pocket? Sign up for free today.


How to get City Car Plus

To get City Car Plus you must register as a user. You can register as a user here or in the app. All you need is your driver’s license and credit card.

When you have registered, you have to send an e-mail to from the e-mail address you have registered with and write “City Car Plus” in the subject line. Then we will take care of the rest.

If you register during the course of a month, you will pay for the remaining month and will have the corresponding number of hours available.

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Our users on driving Your City Car

When I calculate the cost of having my own car, then it is makes sense economically to sign up for monthly use at GreenMobility. Besides this I love the thought that it is better for the environment and it is uncomplicated. You take a seat and you drive.

Søs Jakobsen

I am happy every time I get comfortable in a City Car. It is amazing that we are living in a time where transportation is possible with just a touch on my phone - and also having access to a car whenever it suits me and wherever it suits me. The future really is now!

Tanja Maria Ørnkilde

Our users on driving Your City Car

As a student GreenMobility gives me the flexibility that public transportation can’t offer me.

Anton Baht

Our users on driving Your City Car

I use GreenMobilitys cars both in private and in relation to my work, when I go out to meeting and events in the city. The app is super easy and intuitive to use.

Brian Holm Otte

Flexibility all the way

City Car Plus is for you who often drive in Your City Car. With a fixed monthly price at 1.195 DKK you get 20 hours usage á month. This gives you a minute price at only 1 DKK.  

If you need to drive more than 20 hours, additional minutes will only cost 2 DKK.

City Car Plus gives you freedom and flexibility all the way.

The payment is deducted the first in every month and covers the usage of the current calendar month. You can cancel your agreement regarding City Car Plus with one month’s notice at the end of a month. The general terms and conditions are still valid and can be found here.


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