Our monthly product

City Car Plus is for you who often drives Your City Car and would like to have a number of hours available each month for a fixed price.

For only DKK 1.195/month you get 20 hours of use for Your City Car a month. This means a minute price at only DKK 1. You can of course drive more than 20 hours a month – each additional minute will only cost you DKK 2.

There is no restrictions on number of trips per day. You can drive as long or short trips as you need. Do you drive outside the Zone be aware that you cannot end your trip until you reenter the Zone. Remaining hours/minutes cannot be transferred to next month.

The monthly price exclusively covers use. Possible taxes, fines or fees are not included in the price. Payment is deducted the first in each month and covers usage for the current month. Payment is deducted automatically from the credit card that the user stated during sign up at GreenMobility. You can terminate your agreement for City Car Plus at a month notice to the end of a month.

You register to City Car Plus by sending an e-mail to hej@greenmobility.com from the e-mail you used to sign up at GreenMobility. Write City Car Plus in the header, then we will take care of the rest. You need to be registered as a user to get City Car Plus. Are you not yet a user, then you can sign up right her. If you register during the course of a month, you will pay for the remaining month and will have the corresponding number of hours available.

Read terms and conditions here. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.