Get 400 City Cars along with your driver’s license

Did you get your driver’s license recently and cannot wait to hit the roads? Get the key to 400 City Cars on your smartphone within 24 hours.

City Car Start is for drivers who have had a license for less than half a year. For a monthly fee the first 6 months, you have your license; you can drive in a City Car the day after you get your driver’s license. Sign up and get access to 400 City Cars in Copenhagen.

What does it cost?

It costs a monthly fee to be a City Car user the first 6 months after you get your driver’s license.

The price is 249 DKK/month for 6 months

If you pay up-front the price is 1.494 DKK Incl. 2 hours of free use.

Use of the City Cars costs 4,00 DKK per minute.


Get routine in a City Car

Routine makes a confident and steady driver. Therefore it is highly important to get out and drive when you first get your driver’s license. Sign up today and take your friends for a ride.


Do your son or daughter have a driver’s license?

Help your son or daughter become a confident driver by giving them 400 City Cars at their disposal – and spare your own car.

Pay up-front for 6 months and get 2 hours of free use.


Are you a driving instructor?

We collaborate with driving schools to give people with a fresh driver’s license the best start as a driver.

If you want to offer your students City Car Start at a favorable price, then contact us on or tel. 70 77 88 88

We look forward to hearing from you.