Terms & Conditions



GreenMobility A/S only collects personal information such as first and last name, address and e-mail address, when you voluntarily submit these.


We will only send marketing material to you with your permission. If you do not consent to receive such material, we will not send it to you.

Some companies may be engaged by GreenMobility A/S to perform various tasks in connection with the services we provide. These companies may get access to personal information if it is necessary, but they can only use the personal information needed to fulfil their duties and may not use it for other purposes.
GreenMobility A/S will not sell, transfer or disclose your personal data to any third parties. However, with your permission, we might send marketing material on behalf of one of our business partners regarding their products or services that may be of interest. If you choose to receive this material, GreenMobility A/S does not disclose your personal data to our business partners, but will instead send a letter or an e-mail to you on their behalf.
GreenMobility A/S reserves the right to use and disclose personal information when this is necessary to comply with laws, regulations or legal requests, to ensure that websites sanctity, to fulfil your requests or to provide assistance in any legal investigations or matters of public safety.


You have the opportunity to get full access to the personal information you provide to us via the Internet. If at any time you want to change the personal information we hold about you, or if you want to change the access we have to contact you, you can always contact us and notify us.


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