Frequently asked questions

  • The Zone

    Where is the zone?
    Our area of operations, also known as The Parking Zone or simply The Zone, covers Ring 3 in Oslo and yet som more. This is where you can start and end your trip. Outside of the zone we have a few maller areas that ar ealso operations zones. These are called satellites. You can park the city car in a satellite just as you can in the zone. However, you cannot park it in the area between the zone and the satellite. In the app you get aa good overview of he zone and its satellites. 

    See our map and read more about the zone and the satellites here

    Can I drive outside the zone?
    You are welcome to drive outside of the zone, but you can only end your trip within the zone. Once you exit the zone, the city car will let you know over the speakers. Als, the little green lamp near the rearview mirror will turn red. This will turn green once you re-enter the zone. 

    Why can I not park outside the zone?
    We have a street crew that is responsible for maintaining our city cars. they make sure that the city cars are clean, charged, accessible, and more. In order to be ale to manage 250 cars that are located all over town, we must make sure that they are within a certain area, så that we can actually cover all the cars. 

    Why does the zone not cover more areas surrounding Oslo?
    This has been well calculated and we concluded that if the zone were to be bigger, we would need more city cars. In order to keep the service at a nice level, the users should not have to go too far in order to fine one. Vi keep all the feedback we get related to this, and if we see a need to increase the zone into new areas, we might just do that. 

    Can I take the city car to my cabin up in the mountains?
    In theory, yes. However, it would turn out to be an expensive trip being that you would be paying for all the days you would be staying. Your City Car is developed in order to solve day to day needs as a supplement to public transport in the city. For this use, we would suggest checking with another car sharing supplier like for example or other car rentals. 

  • Battery and charging

    How far does the battery reach?

    According to the NEDC-standard, the capacity of the battery in the Renault Zoe has been measured at 403 km. In reality, reach is lower depending on driving speed, type of driving, and several other factors. If you are driving 50 km/hr at 20 degrees celsius the car should have a reach of 380 km. At 0 degrees celsius reach goes down, but still keeps 348 km. (source:

    What to do if the battery is almost empty?

    We have systems that alert our Street Crew when the battery reach of a car passes 15 km. A member of our Street Crew will then charge the car. If you reach this level during a trip, you should continue to your destination if possible. If you anyway plan on parking at a parking spot with optional charging, you are very welcome to charge it. In this way it will be available to other users more quickly.

    If you drive the city car goes empty while you drive, the car must be towed. Towing leads to a towing fee of 3200 NOK according to our terms & conditions. 

    How do I connect and disconnect the city car to a charger?

    Upon parking the car at a charger, open the charging slot located in the front of Renault Zoe, by pressing the button marked with a charging point icon. This button is on the left hand side of the drivers seat. Then find the charging cable in the trunk and connect it to the car ad to the charging slot on the charger. The blue part goes into the car and the black part goes into the chargin point. 

    In order to open the charging slot on the charging point, use a Fortum charging card. 

    For å åpne ladeluken til stasjonen skal du bruke et ladekort fra Fortum. Kortet ligger i elbilens kortholder i hanskerommet. Du holder kortet over stasjonen og venter til luken åpner seg. Når kabelen er koblet til både bilen og stasjonen, starter ladingen. Turen kan ikke avsluttes før ladekortet er lagt tilbake i bilens kortholder.

    Du kobler ladekabelen fra bybilen ved å trykke på ladepunkt-ikonet på nøkkelen eller på kontakten med ladepunkt-ikonet til venstre for rattet. For å frigjøre ladekabelen fra ladestasjonen holdes ladekortet, som ligger i kortholderen i hanskerommet, over ladestasjonen.

    Hvor finner jeg nærmeste ladestasjon?
    For å finne nærmeste ladestasjon bruker du bilens navigasjonssystem. Det er kun Fortums ladestasjoner du kan bruke. En ladestasjon vises på kortet med et ladekabel-ikon. Ved å trykke på ønsket stasjon får du muligheten til å trykke "navigere hit". Deretter navigerer Din Bybil deg dit via korteste vei.

    Finn nærmeste Fortum ladestasjon her.

    Hva skjer hvis mobiltelefonen min går tom for strøm mens jeg kjører?
    Hvis mobilen din går tom for strøm eller ikke har dekning når du skal avslutte kjøreturen, har du to alternativer. 

    Hvis du sitter inni bilen, trykker du på knappen i taket så hjelper bybilorakelet deg med å avslutte turen. Står du utenfor bilen og ikke kommer inn, må du låne en telefon og ringe til bybilorakelet på 40 00 19 19.

    Hvis du har andre spørsmål, kan du alltid benytte deg av ringeknappen i taket på bybilen for å kontakte vår kundeservice. Hvis du står i en parkeringskjeller og skal reservere en elbil, men ikke klarer å få signal, må du forflytte deg til et område med dekning. 

  • Parking

    What is the rules for parking?
    Your City Car can be parked at one of several Hotspots in Oslo, in public parking spots without time restriction,  and “Beboerparkering” zones.

    What if I want to park without ending the trip?
    You can park the car without ending the trip by hitting the pause button in the app. You'll see the pause button on the bottom left side. Then the doors will lock. But be aware that you will still pay the same minute price when you are pausing as when you are driving the car. When you want to continue you trip you push the pause button again in the app and the doors will unlock.



  • Damages

    When I arrive to my City Car, I detect a damage, what do I do?
    If you detect any damages on the car, please contact customer service as quickly as possible to inform them about it. You can call customer service by entering the menu on the left side in the app and choose "Call customer service" or push the button in the ceiling and you'll call them directly. Then they will take action by reporting it and decide what to do with the damages.

    Do I have to pay for potential damages?

    Our cars have liability and accident insurance, as well as hull and theft insurance, but there is a deductible per insurance event.

    If any damages occur on the city car while is in your possession you should contact customer service. You can easily contact them by pushing the call button in the ceiling for two seconds. Then you’re calling our direct line to customer service which will register the incident.

    Is it allowed to smoke in the City Cars?
    It is not allowed to smoke in Your City Car, for the sake of both your own driving safety and other users. If you still smoke in the car, you will be charged a fee for extra cleaning of the car at 3 200 SEK.

    Is it allowed with dogs or other pets in Your City Car?

    We want everyone to be able to travel with your Your City Car. You can bring your dog or other pet if it is placed in a properly closed cage located in the trunk. However, you must ensure that the trunk is cleaned after the trip. If a need for cleaning is reported as a result of pets in the car, you will be held responsible for this.

    Can I use Your City Car to go shopping in Sweden?

    No, you are not allowed to take Your City Car out of Norway.

    Can I use Your City Car to practice driving?

    No, you have to have a drivers license to drive Your City Car.

  • Equipment in the car

    Are there any City Cars with a child seat or tow hook?

    There are child seats in just over 50 of the cars. In the app you can choose to get an overview of the city cars that are equipped with a child seat.

    Few electric car models are approved for towing hook. Renault Zoë is not one of them.

    Can I put a roof rack, bike rack, snow chains or other equipment on the City Car? 

    No, it is not allowed to place any type of enhancement on Your City Car, as this may cause damage.

  • Your membership

    Is it allowed that others use my Your City Car membership and drive the car? 

    Your membership is personal and that's why you only have the membership and that is allowed to drive our cars. If you let another person drive the car, it is in violation of our rules, and you risk being held financially responsible for the relationship, as well as the insurance will not apply if damage occurs.

    How can I keep track of the cost of using Your City Car?

    At you can log in with your user account. Here you will find an overview of all your trips and how much they have cost. Here you can, among other things, change payment cards and add a business account associated with your user profile. When you finish a trip with Your City Car you will also receive an email from us with a summary of the trip. Here the total price for the trip in question will also be evident.

    Do I have to be a Vy-customer to use Your City Car?

    No, we are launching this service to make it easier for people who live in or around Oslo to do without their own car. You must not be a Vy customer to use the city cars. It is free to register as a user and you can easily do that.

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